Top 3 countries to do a Masters degree and settle down

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The new generation is far more open-minded when it comes to moving to new places.

Unlike the old people, the young blood is ready to encounter adventures to build themself a better future.

Rather than staying warm in their comfort zones, they like to go on and explore new opportunities and find places where they can build their kingdom.

A very clear example of this trend is the increased number of people migrating to countries who are open to new inhabitants and are welcoming in nature.

For the young fresh graduates with no big job experience to land a high paying job in the country they want, a Master’s degree is the route to reach where they want. In this way, they can improve their education level and at the same time get a chance to settle down in the society they want to.

With more and more countries coming up with rules to attract and support international students, the number of youngsters preferring a Master’s abroad is on the rise. But this also is putting up a lot of confusion on which country to choose as the options are wide.

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Today we have come with the top 3 countries to choose from if you are planning to join for a Master’s degree abroad. We are not ranking the countries here but are trying to mention the pros and cons of each country.

The one thing which everyone should be aware of is that there is no place which is a perfect wonderland for you.

Every country comes with its disadvantages too. I hope this can be of great help for all you, so let us begin and move ahead.



The island country of Australia has been the most preferred place to migrate to for many nationalities including the British. The weather and landscapes of the country are said to be the main reason for this preference.

In recent years, the government of Austria starting becoming more welcoming to people from around the world.

They are seeking more migrants and have a special point-based system to select people from around the globe. The student visa route is also popular with a lot of high rated universities in the country offering a variety of courses.


  • The population density of Austria is low when compared to a lot of other countries. This is wanting the government to bring in more people and in turn, have a lot of rules favoring the newcomers.
  • The climate throughout the year in the country is pleasant and will be loved by people from countries with harsh weather conditions.
  • The health care facilities available in the country are of high standards. Both and private and public run healthcare institutions have the most modern pieces of equipment and facilities.
  • The wages are comparatively high in Australia and also have one of the highest standards of living for both Australians and migrants.


  • For students who are on a tight budget, the course fee can be expensive when compared with other options. According to the official government website of Australia meant for international students, the average cost for a Master’s degree in Australia will typically cost from AU$20,000 (US$14,400) to $37,000 (US$26,600).
  • The high living standards offered by the country, in turn, increased the living expenses. For students migrating from developing or underdeveloped countries can feel Australia expensive to live in.
  • The recent hike in the number of people moving to Australia has rocketed the house prices in the country. Today Australian housing marking is considered to be one of the most hor markets.

Here you’ll find a complete list of Universities, Colleges & Fees for MBA in Australia.



Canada is another well-known location for people who looks to migrate to a new country.

The legislation of Canada is highly supporting the newcomers and offers a variety of routes for people from around the globe to reach there.

The availability of direct permanent residence status is the one thing that makes Canada the most preferable location to migrate to.


  • Canada is a welcoming country with both the governments and the nationals warm and helpful for anyone who lands on Canada looking for a better life.
  • The employment market of Canada is said to be one of the best in the world. The lack of enough skilled labor in the country is an added advantage for skilled migrants and help them land a job easily.
  • Canada is also considered to be among the safest countries in the world. The country is known for its low crime rates and one can feel safer living in this community.
  • The health care in the country is of high quality and at the same time will not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Most universities in the country offer high standard learning along with good facilities provided for all students. You can also find a variety of courses to choose from matching your skills.


  • The climate of Canada is not something everyone will like. The winters of Canada are particularly harsh and can be struggling for people from humid countries to adjust to.
  • A high immigrant turnover rate is making issues in Canada especially for students who wish to enroll for part-me jobs. There have been complaints from students stating it is hard to land on a good pat-me job as the competition is high.

Here you’ll find a complete list of Universities, Colleges & Fees for MBA in Canada.

The UK

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The United Kingdom with no doubt will be a dreamland for the majority of the world population.

The British who ruled the majority of the world had also made their country with the best standards. When it comes to students the UK is considered to be the best country to go to.


  • There is no better place to get educated than in the UK because of the quality of universities in the country. The country is known to have some of the most prestigious higher learning institutions in the world. Most of the universities in the UK are ranked high, and UK based qualifications are surely something that will benefit any student.
  • A higher standard of living is always something the UK had. The minimum wages set by the government are high enough to live a good life in the country.
  • The cities in the country like London is a place which has most of the biggest firms in the world. This gives students a good exposure to a big industry after their studies.
  • The employee rights and safety rules of the country are recognized and are followed by most countries in the world.


  • The effects of the upcoming Brexit is unpredictable and may lower the economical strength of the country.
  • A long stay back for international students is not yet legalized. The PSW or post-study work visa is yet to become a rule.
  • The living expenses in the country, especially in the main cities, are high.

Here you’ll find a complete list of Universities, Colleges & Fees for MBA in the UK.

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