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According to experts, Physical fitness is very important for our health and more specifically it helps us to perform aspects of sport, occupation and daily activities.

Physical fitness generally depends on our proper maintain lifestyles and physical exercise.

The question which every man asks himself is that, how can I stay healthy?

How can I look handsome and how can I become fit naturally?

A girl think how can she stay healthy

There are many ways to become fit and strong but the big problem is maintainability.
There are few tips to become naturally fit that is followed by most people despite the goals and aims.


The word “exercise” means different things to different people. It is a physical activity that helps to achieve something.


There are four types of exercise that everyone should be done regularly.

Men and women follow different paths for achieving fitness. The physical differences among men and women are the reasons for the change in approach to fitness.

Focusing on the woman’s hip area and core, which includes the abs and back is the first step in women’s fitness.

These two muscle groups (hip area and core) combine to form the powerhouse of a female body, so any strength-building workout for women must be targeting these areas.


girl doing plank exercise on girden

Plank is one of the best calorie-burning exercises. It engages multiple muscles at a time and by reducing fat from the waist and hips. It provides a flexible tummy.


Men doing push up

It is one of the best exercises that train a woman’s body in a functional manner. It helps in improving circulation


A man doing HIIT

HIIT is the best exercise that helps in burning calories in a short span of time. Adding it to a daily routine helps to achieve fitness goals in no span of time.

Using cardio exercise equipment for HIIT with maximum effort helps in weight loss



It’s a big deal for women to maintain a healthy perfect shape body. Step-ups are very good at reducing hips and thigh fats.


Man Practicing Yoga on White Background

To maintain back fat and butt shape, this is very helpful.

Cardio exercises which help in weight loss


girls on treadmill

For many, treadmills are an honest option to begin a brand new exercise routine as a result of walking is well tolerated by most people notwithstanding fitness level and for many back conditions

High-intensity interval training.

Different types of HIIT

You can do a number of exercises at high-intensity – like burpees, jumping squats, jumping lunges, high knees, and step jumps.

Regular Skipping

man rope skipping

Includes skipping as part of the daily routine. Experts suggest 15 minutes skipping every day for a healthy life.


man swimming in swimming pool

Swimming can benefit the mind and body in various ways. It is a low impact activity which helps in maintaining normal heart rate and this helps many people

Brisk walking

three old ladies walk together

Brisk walking strengthens the muscles and bones. It improves the circulation and coordination


two girls Cycling

Cycling is the best way to reduce cellulite improves circulation and fat will be reduced from thighs and hips.

Stair climbing


Stair climbing reduces cardio risks by 30%. It is very easy to build into your life and make it a habit.

High-intensity interval training for 30 minutes, three to four times a week, is a great way to kickstart your goals, whether it is weight loss, weight maintenance, or just getting in better shape.

These exercises target the muscles in the body and strengthen them and make it easy to attain fitness.

Now we can look into some equipment at the gym for workouts.


different types of treadmill

A treadmill is the most popular equipment used for weight loss. It promotes weight loss as it is related to running and walking.

Stationary cycle

girl on Stationary cycle

Like an outdoor cycle, a stationary cycle also provides for promoting weight loss. It burns many calories

Gym ball

girl on Gym ball

A gym ball is an exceptional product that is easily available in shops. It is very helpful in stretching the back muscles and encourages weight loss

Ab roller Machine

It is useful for indoor abdominal weight loss exercises. It tones the muscles and promotes weight loss.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are truly wonderful. They help to get the best out of your cardio and weight loss programs.

Ab roller Machine+Stepper machine+Rowing Machine

Stepper machine

This is outstanding equipment meant for speedy results. It is a convenient way of burning calories.

How to spend your starting days at the Gym?

Divide the time for three workouts and plan accordingly.

Workout 1: Thirty minutes cardio


Using any cardio equipment, workout for about thirty minutes. A cardio machine includes indoor cycle, treadmill, rowing machine

Workout 2: Strength training

different types of Strength training exercise

Using dumbbells or mats, any type of exercise can de be done. Two sets of each exercise are to be followed

Workout 3: Stretch training

different types of Stretch training exercise

This is an essential workout that is to be done for about five to ten minutes.stretch your hands and legs.stretch exercise as already stated above are very good in keeping muscles firm.

Keep aside a day in a week for rest.

Go for a movie or dinner, play video games. Do pushups while watching tv. But don’t forget to drink at-last three liters of water every day.

Keep your mind calm from all distractions and be free from stress. If an exercise ball is available in house, roll around with that!!

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