How to Make a Mattress Softer | Make a Uncomfortable Mattress Comfortable

Soft mattress

It can be very discouraging to sleep on a brand-new mattress that is firm from head to toe. Or, you’ve been holding onto a mattress for a long time, and it still doesn’t provide the softness you desire.

It is almost impossible to adjust your sleep positions on a hard mattress. Now, this is the part where you demand a softer mattress. There can be a lot of reasons why you need a softer mattress, it could be related to your partner demanding a softer mattress or when your body doesn’t receive the right amount of comfort.

Regardless of what the reason might be, there are a lot of softer mattresses options you can go with.

However, if the process of purchasing another soft mattress, rattles you, then you can take some measures to soften your existing bed. There are plenty of ways to salvage the mattress situation and turn your mattress into a more comfortable and softer one.

The Process of Making your Mattress Soft

The firmness level is always hard to break in a brand-new mattress, yet you can still try some tips that will do the trick. The process of making your mattress soft is similar to shoes getting worn in.

Unfortunately, sleeping on your mattress night after night is only going to slow the process, and you need authentic measures to soften your mattress. Well, you came to the right place.

Take a look at the following tips that will help you in creating a softer mattress within weeks.

Sleep on the Bed

girl sleeping on bed

As mentioned above, a brand-new mattress contains a very tough level of firmness than you ever expected, but you can soften the situation up with just a couple of steps.

You can make a difference in the firmness by sleeping on the mattress night after night, and eventually, the mattress will become softer overtime.

But, if you desire a softer mattress as soon as possible, you can choose to walk on the mattress every day, usually for several minutes, and that should do the trick soon enough.

Pro Tip: Do not walk on the mattress with shoes on, which will leave dust/dirt Marks on your Mattress.

Flip and Rotate it

Rotating and Flipping Mattress

If you have the option to flip or rotate your mattress, this can provide a lot of relief to you. Sadly, pillow-top beds have no option to flip or rotate, but most mattresses are flappable. Here are your two options:

  • Rotate your mattress to 180 degrees. The direction of your mattress will be reversed.
  • Flip the mattress to make the top side down.

Manage Your Base

mattress base

The first and foremost thing to check about a brand-new mattress is its base. The reason is very simple, not every mattress can accommodate the same base, and every mattress is designed to accommodate a different type of base. For instance, if you have decided to switch from an inner-spring bed to memory foam, then you will need to get rid of the box spring.

But, if you don’t have memory foam, then using a box spring base can really decrease the firmness of your mattress. It is important to keep this tip in mind, and even if you don’t have a box spring, then that’s okay.

As a rule of thumb, box springs are specifically made for inner-spring mattresses. The name says it all, it is a box filled with springs installed inside the mattress that work as motion isolators for promoting the bounciness of the bed.

The base of the mattress can be either slatted or solid. The basic function of a platform is to create a firm surface, so if you feel very uncomfortable with a foam mattress, then an adjustable foundation can create a softer surface for you.

The use of  Mattress Topper

colorful Mattress Topper

The easiest and quickest way to decrease the firmness of a mattress is by purchasing a topper. Once you add a layer of comfort and support on top of your mattress, the contouring and pressure point relief of the mattress becomes enhanced.

You can use a variety of different materials, such as memory foam, cotton, polyfoam, latex, wool, feather, and any other alternative.

The most considerate choice is memory foam. If you are satisfied with memory foam, then make sure to purchase one that is less than two inches, thicker, and low in density – these are the hallmarks of having a softer mattress with memory foam.

Warm the mattress up

sunlight coming over mattress

This works when you sleep on a memory foam mattress. Memory foam has the tendency to be responsive towards a variety of different temperatures; a cold room will harden the mattress, and a warm one will soften it. So, go with warm temperatures if you want to have a soft platform to sleep on.

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