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If we want healthy and glowing skin then it is very important to know our skin type. Only after knowing our skin type can we choose the right products and customize a skincare diet that will work best for us.

You are wondering how in the world there would be a difference between so many types of skin!

But don’t worry now, next we will give you simple tips to determine your skin type.

2 easy steps to check your skin type.

First Step to Check your Skin type

Clean your face completely with a cleanser and pat gently. Leave skin to dry ( do not use any additional moisturizers, serums or treatments).

After half an hour, examine your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead for any shine. then after another 1/2 hour, evaluate whether your skin feels parched, especially if you smile or make any other facial expressions.

If your skin feels tight, your skin is dry. and is shining on your nose and forehead, your skin is most likely normal/combination. if there is a shine on your cheeks in addition to your forehead and nose, you have oily skin.

Second Step

This is the best step to check between oily and dry skin types.

Gently pat the blotting paper all over your face.

Then check the sheet in front of the light to see how much oil is visible.

f the oil does not appear on the sheet and is lifted slightly, it means you have dry skin. But if the blemish reveals oil in the sheet and from the forehead, then your skin is normal or a mixture.

Last, if the blotting paper is filled with oil, it is very likely that you have extremely oily skin.

Tips for normal or combination skin.

People who have normal skin often experience dryness on the cheeks, It is essential to find a balanced moisturizer that is neither too heavy nor sufficient enough to retain moisture where it is most needed.

People who have normal skin are not prone to breakouts on their cheeks and tend to have a well-moisturized. Moisturizers with a gel-like based are absorbed more quickly and less likely to cause breakouts.

Start the day with a small amount and increase as needed to void over-moisturizing dry Skin Care Strategies When Wash Your Face.

Dry Skin Care Strategies When Wash Your Face

Dry skincare is very important because if the skin becomes too dry then the skin can become swollen, even the skin may be very swollen. tips for the bath or shower: Avoid a long time in hot showers, long showers or baths result in dried-out skin.

So try to limit yourself to a single 7-minutes Lukewarm shower or bath on a day.

You should use a mild cleanser or shower gel with moisturizer and Go for unscented, soap-free, or mild soap cleaners instead of harsh cleansers. you should Moisturize while the skin is can also help make your skin supple and smooth.

You should wear cotton and other natural fabrics. Synthetics fabrics can be scratchy and irritating.

Drink excess of water. Take omega-3 foods and rich source fatty acids can help fortify the skin’s natural oil-retaining barriers. The Foods loaded in omega-3 include cold-water fish flax, walnuts, and safflower oil.

Tips for Oily Skin

There are many reasons for our oily skin, including stress, moisture, genetics, and hormones.

To help reduce the oil, a dermatologist can also be contacted. To help control oily skin, some important instructions are given by the dermatologist we need to wash our face every morning, evening and after exercise, but remember do not be rushed to wipe it after washing it.

Do not rub the skin tightly, it will turn red and will irritate you. Do not consume food rich in oil.

Cleansing: Doing this opens all the pores of the face and removes all the dirt from them, which cleans the excess oil deposited on the face. While cleansing, keep in mind that the face should be washed with lukewarm water.
Toning: Toning must be done after cleansing. By doing this, the pores are closed and the dirt does not get deposited back on the face.
Scribing: Oily skin causes blackheads around the nose. Blackhead remover scrubs can be used to remove them. This will not only clear blackheads but will also get rid of pimples.

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