Invisalign Facts: Check Out 6 Unknown Things Regarding Clear Aligners

6 Unknown Things Regarding Clear Aligners

Gone are the days when people are opted for “metal mouth” and “brace face” to get teeth straightened. Nowadays, people are wanted to pursue teeth straightening treatment if they get any benefits from the aligners.

It is only possible with the help of Invisalign treatment and that too because of its transparency and clarity. Before you finalize the decision of undergoing Invisalign treatment, go through this blog once to learn about some of its important facts.

1. Commit to the specific time period

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Wishy-washy is not the ideal option for the Invisalign wearers. You have to commit to wearing it for long 22 hours a day. If you can’t, you may try to keep it put on the teeth for at least 20 hours on a regular basis. This means whenever you set out no matter for which reason you have to keep it on the teeth.

Even the time period clearly depicts that it must be worn during bedtimes at the same time. You are only supposed to remove it during eating or drinking any food or drinks. Flossing and brushing are other activities to be performed after removing the aligners from the teeth.

2. Know the ways aligners perform

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Invisalign aligners are effective in fixing only some teeth for a specific time. But it does so in an order, only if it is worn for a long enough. Otherwise, due to the lack of time with aligners, your expected treatment period will hinder to a great extent.

Even you may face the instance when your teeth cannot be fixed and straightened at all by any braces and aligners.

3. Clean your aligners


With a number of benefits, there are some concerns too regarding clear aligners. One of them is to clear them on a daily basis. Although each set of best Invisalign in London is offered only for 2 weeks yet cleaning is necessary. Otherwise, it can get odorous and discolored which can affect your dental health severely.

As a result, you may start suffering from tooth decay and plaque simultaneously along with crooked or misaligned teeth. Only use a soft-bristled brush to clean the aligners and if you want you may soak it in the cleaning solution to get effective results too.

4. Focus on your eating

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It is the greatest advantage one can ever get with Invisalign aligners. You have the opportunity to enjoy even chewy and crunchy food on the removal of the Invisalign. On the other hand, enjoying your meal by putting on the aligners can cause it to break at the same time.

Also, you must remove it from your teeth while consuming any drinks otherwise your aligners may get stained. Due to the daunting job of removal and wearing aligners for having any food and drinks, many people lose extra calories and pounds rapidly by skipping snack time.

5. Clean the teeth

clean your teeth

Apart from cleaning the Invisalign aligner on a regular basis, it is important to clean the teeth too on a regular basis. It also gives equaled importance because; Invisalign is specifically designed in such a way so that it gets fitted on the teeth snugly for long hours.

Thus, there is a chance for food particles and debris to get trapped within the aligners which will result in bacterial build-up. Hence, you are advised to rinse the mouth well every time after you remove it and before going to put it back again. Also, floss and brush the teeth twice a day to maintain proper oral hygiene.

6. Visit your dentist regularly

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One nicest perk of Invisalign treatment is it is easily manageable by you. You have to fix the appointment once every 6 weeks for checking the position of the braces. You will be examined further to check whether the progression continues at a fixed rate or not!

Accordingly, your follow-up appointment will be booked afterward for getting the next new set of customized clear aligners. In this way, you will be able to get the straight teeth within a short span of time. It will enhance your self-esteem too by offering you with straight as well as a gorgeous smile.

Planning to get Invisalign clear aligners in London? Talk to your orthodontist to know about the expectations. Even for any other orthodontic options, you can schedule your appointment or visit us.


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