Doctors are recommended fish oil and medicine to use it regularly

fish oil

For a long time, people know about the benefits of fish oil. It was taken to improve bowel function.

Nowadays, this oily liquid is increasingly being used as a means to help restore beauty. There is a fashionable trend of consuming fish oil from hair loss.

Reasons why hair falls out

The factors causing this unpleasant state are divided into two types:

Telogen – gradual baldness

Anogenous – sudden baldness

The first type occurs in chronic and acute forms, hair is abundantly falling out within a few months, then this process goes by itself. Resuming the problem may again just as unexpectedly. This happens for about six months to several years.

The reasons for this hair loss:

Changes in the hormonal background – Many women have problems with their hair during the prenatal and postnatal periods, as well as during the age of menopause. The same reason may occur in girls after the abolition of hormonal contraception.

—Health problems – Hair thinning occurs after some diseases: transferred injuries and operations, abundant blood loss, exacerbations of chronic diseases, prolonged use of potent drugs, the passage of rigid diets.

—On the nerve soil – Stress, anxiety, and conflict affect hair deterioration.

—The impact of external factors – Long stay in the sun, the cold does not add to the curls of health.

—In the implementation of improper care – Frequent use of various thermal devices: ironing, a hairdryer can cause burns to the hair and their roots, and as a result, leads to loss. It also provokes this problem excessive enthusiasm for chemical compounds: mousses, varnishes, curls. After lightening or highlighting, hair loss may also begin.

The benefits of fish oil for the body

This tool is natural, rich trace elements, substances, and vitamins so necessary for the human body. The animal origin of the product justifies the presence in it of a huge amount of fatty acids.

Fat has properties:

-prevent blood clots and plaque buildup

-relieve symptoms of diabetes

-prevent appearance atherosclerosis.

His actions are aimed at improving the condition of the joints, normalizing the work of the intestines, reducing the risk of tumors and heart attacks, accelerating cell changes epidermis preventing development rickets. Fish oil can make better memory and visual acuity.

The use of the product inside and outside a positive effect on the condition of the teeth, skin, nails and hair. Even the opinion exists that fish oil is able to inhibit the approach of old age.

How fish oil helps hair

The most important thing that can give a product to hair is fatty acids. The deficiency of these components is directly associated with slower hair growth, loss, and deterioration of their condition. These acids provide curls with nutrition.

Trace elements as part of fish oil can solve such problems:

–Fatty acids contain iron, which contributes to the delivery of oxygen to follicles hair. Oxygen provides each hair density, in the end – hair elastic and strong. It stimulates hair growth and renewal.

–Responsible for moisturizing hair and scalp sebaceous glands. The fat they excrete protects skin covering from drying out. Along with the appearance of disorders with curls, there is a depletion of sebaceous glands. Fatty acids nourish the glands and moisturize them. Result: hair shines, less susceptible to static electricity, the scalp does not dry out, education stops dandruff.

–Hair loss is the first symptom of a lack of fatty acids in the human body. With a deficiency of these substances, the production of hormones responsible for the state is slowed down. Follicle, therefore, does not hold anything hairs from falling out. Eating fat increases the production of hormones, respectively, reducing hair loss.

In addition, fatty acids contain vitamins A, B, D, trace elements: phosphorus, iodine, sulfur, bromine, which has a healing effect on the hair, making them beautiful and healthy.

The use of fish oil to improve hair

Fatty fish that can be eaten can help deliver beneficial acids: trout, salmon, halibut, sardine, herring and others.

For masks, fish oil, which does not pose any danger, can be used frequently. In most recipes, it is supplemented with additives from other natural products: vegetable oils, eggs, herbs.

Recipes masks to improve hair

Mask “Against hair loss”

Fish oil – 2 tablespoons

Egg yolk – 2 pieces

Beat yolks, mix with fish oil, apply on hair and scalp. To wrap the head with a towel, keep the mask for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water, without using shampoo.

Mask “For dry hair”

Oils: burdock, castor, almond – all 1 tablespoon

Fish oil – 2 tablespoons

Stir and rub thoroughly into the scalp. Hide hair under a hat or a bag, wrap a towel and do not rinse for 2 hours. The greasy composition can be washed off with a mild shampoo or baby soap. You need to make such a mask 2 times a month.

Mask “From split ends”

Oil – take depending on the amount of hair. It needs to be slightly warmed and then smeared at the ends of the hair. Hold for one hour, rinse.

If the hair is severely damaged, apply a mask every week for 2 months. You can apply this tool before bedtime and leave overnight, covering his head with a scarf or cap. In the morning, remove by washing with shampoo.

If you want to add a bit of any cosmetic vegetable oil.

Mask “Vitamin”

Take a small amount of filtered herb infusion (from chamomile, lime, nettle), add one spoonful of fish oil to it, apply the composition to the hair. Wrap in plastic and a towel, hold for an hour. Wash off with soap and water.

Since hair problems rarely “come” one by one, these masks can be alternated. They are suitable for all types of hair, dyed, or after a perm.

Apply the mask should also be a course assignment. Having done them within 2 months, you need to make the same break.

Is it possible to harm from the use of fish oil

As such, fish oil does not harm. But the most important thing to remember is: there must be a measure in everything.

–If oily hair should not be used, excess fat will only aggravate the problem.

–Despite the problems with curls during pregnancy, taking the drug in this state should be carried out moderately. It is better to ask the advice of the attending physician; he will help determine the dosage. Excess fatty acids can damage the baby.

In rare cases, individual intolerance of the product may occur, which is accompanied by the following symptoms: –

-aggravation of allergic reactions


-nausea from the unpleasant smell

Any drug intake should be immediately excluded.

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