How To Choose The Best Curly Hair Styling Products?

Best Curly Hair Styling Products

Today just might be one of the most important curly hair care post you will ever read especially if you’re new to the curly hair world and that is choosing the best Styler for you and your hair.

So many of you are just grabbing styles that say Curly on it and then you’re wondering why your hair isn’t looking the way you want or why this product isn’t meeting your curly hair needs. So I’m going to break it all down today because some of you are using a leave-in conditioner wondering why your hair’s frizzy some of you are using oils wondering why it’s not moisturizing your hair.

Some of you need that extra moisture and you’re using gels wondering why your hair is crunchy. I’m going to solve all of your problems right now. So sit back relax and you might want to take notes. I only want to get into styles today but just a little side note I hope you know that shampoo used to cleanse your scalp you know make sure your hair is clean but mainly your scalp and then a conditioner is more for the length of your hair to give your hair moisture and help you to tangle. So, I personally suggest Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter extra moisture detangler.

Then after you get out the shower that’s when things get a little more complicated. So let’s start with leaving conditioners. This is probably the most is conceptualized hair product there is because a lot of you will get out the shower you apply Leave-in Conditioner and walk out the door as a real washing go. Some of you that might work for there are some leaving conditioners that are good at taming phrase keeping your hair shiny blah blah blah. But that’s technically not the job of a leave-in conditioner is a conditioner.

You leave in meaning you don’t wash it out.

I leave-in conditioner can used in the shower as you to tango and then you just get out the shower. You don’t rinse it out or you could use your shampoo your conditioner and then get out and then apply a leave-in conditioner especially if you’re rinsing out the conditioner a leave-in conditioner will allow you to keep that moisture in your hair without having to rent it out without having to worry about any type of product build-up on your scalp.

If it’s silicone-free of course. Now to prove this to you we’re going to do what’s called Reading I know crazy concept a lot of you guys don’t like to read when most of the answers are smack dab right on the bottle on the back of the bottle in my description box in my caption but you guys want. Those. So here I have the Camille Rose lavender whipped cream leave-in conditioner. I’ve never used this as you could see it’s fully loaded. I just really don’t use leaving conditioners. But this one is silicone-free.

You guys are looking for a silicone-free leave-in. But I’m gonna just read the label. It says that this product used to soften the tangle and moisturize strands. That’s exactly what I believe in should do. It does not say has a great hold it does not say will prevent freeze. It does not say. Anything else because I leave-in conditioner is not a phrase fighting Styler. It just steps one out of the shower.

Another example is the Shea Moisture detangler. Well, this one is claiming to help you to tame your hair because they stuck it in the title they were so confident about it. It says that it’s supposed to. Provide lasting moisture without surface buildup. It will used in daily lifestyle.

It will leave hair smooth with a healthy shine. Nowhere in this description does it say it’s going to prevent frizz or have any hold.

And that’s fine because that is the only job I believe in. Make it shiny make it moisturize maybe a little bit easier to tangle. Now if you are looking for something to help combat the frizz and make sure your hair doesn’t get all fluffy by the end of the day you’d need to apply an actual curly hair Styler which could be like one of these for example to shave moisture.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It says this supposed to reduce frizz. Define curls smooth hair for soft and silky feel because this is one of my favourite cream styles. I can say that that is true and it does do all of those things. Another one might be the diva curl super cream and other personal favourites of mine.

It says to define and control looking to give your curls frizz-free touchable hold that’s what we’re looking for. This is the result curls curl defining cream creates bouncy shiny fresh free voluminous curls defines and holds without leaving hair crunchy. That is the most beautiful description I’ve ever read. It’s exactly what most of us people are looking for. We want all of those things.

It is in the bottle. Go with it because that’s what it’s claiming to do. If it is not claiming to fight first Don’t get mad at it for not fighting your friends.

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