2020’s Top 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms In India (Updated List)

Influencer Marketing Platforms

The term ‘influencer marketing’ is one of the buzzing words in the world of digital marketing. From 2014 it has continued gaining popularity as many brands are leveraging its power to spread brand awareness. According to market leaders, influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing because with micro-influencers brands easily reach more people in no time.

Different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are taking influencer marketing to another level by allowing influencers to work with big brands. Working with a leading influencer marketing platform in India can be exciting both for influencers and advertisers.

But for many, the concept of influencer marketing is not yet clear. So before digging further let’s talk about:

What is Influencer Marketing Afterall?

what is Influencer Marketing

To put it simply, the concept of influencer marketing is nothing but promoting and endorsing products (and services) with the help of micro-influencers, who have a strong fan base on different social media platforms. These influencers have a huge aptitude in upgrading a brand with their prominent opinion.

Most of the influencers interact with their followers on a regular basis, which is why the trust factor can be built easily. Brands take the advantage of the trust factor while promoting their products. As we know, social media platforms are quite a vogue nowadays; they act like an open market where your growth will be limitless, whether as a brand or as an influencer.

The main challenge lies in finding appropriate influencers that can resonate well with your venture and your target audience. Another important factor is to design the campaign, which is nothing but designing the task you wish your influencers will perform for your brand. The campaign structure will decide the final success of the promotion.

Talking about influencer marketing platforms, in this article, our team of influencer markers has come up with the list of top 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms of India that are upscaling brand reputation with the help of influencers.

Here are the Top 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

1. Plixxo

Plixxo is one of the fastest-growing influencer marketing companies that connects brands with influencers to come up with the most interesting campaigns. They have worked with big brands like Puma, Maybelline, Jabong and many more. If you visit their website, you have to sign in either as a brand or as an influencer; without that, you cannot proceed further, which is a bit confusing according to the users. Their mother company is registered in England and Wales. This online portal is run by Luxeva Limited for Indian influencers.

After registering with them, influencers get updates regarding campaigns from time to time. If they accept them over mail, they will have to perform the mentioned task in order to complete the campaign. Plixxo has worked with many blue ticked influencers; you can understand it by looking into their website.

2. InfluGlue

InfluGlue homepage

Another leading influencer marketing platform of India is InfluGlue, which has a huge influencer resource from all over India. If you visit their website, you will see their working process in detail; it is simple yet attractive. They help brands to connect with proper influencers so that they can promote their products through them.

Due to their awesome campaign ideas and attractive packages, they have become one of the most favorite influencer marketing platforms among influencers and brands. They are open to working with fashion, beauty, education, mobile application, travel, health, food and other brands. They have influencers covering all niches. Top brands covered by them are LearnPick, LunchBoss, Libas etc.

If you own a brand and looking forward to promoting them with the help of some awesome influencers, you must connect with InfluGlue; they will connect you with thousands of influencers from a selected area in no time. They have an efficient team of influencer marketers who work hand in hand with advertisers to design cool campaigns. Their blog section is amazing; they frequently post blogs related to different topics of influencer marketing. From fashion influencers to mom and travel influencers, you will be connected to influencers of the various niches if you choose to work with InfluGlue.

3. Mad influence

mad-influence homepage

Another worth mentioning the influencer marketing platform of India is Mad Influence. This platform has the maximum number of influencers from all over the country. You will find their influencers in almost every social media.

If you visit their page, you will get to know with which brands they have worked with. If you want to promote your brand with a promising influencer marketing platform, then you must connect with them. Their team of influencer marketers will surely help you out.

One of the interesting features of this platform is it worked with different kinds of influencers to cover the need of every niche, from automobile to fashion; they seamlessly work on this wide spectrum.

Top brands covered by their service are TikTok, T-series, HotStar etc.

4. Influencer.in

Influencer.in homepage

In our list of top 5 influencer marketing platforms of India, we found another promising platform, Influencer.in who worked on the same field. They have over 25,000 social media influencers from all over India. If you visit their website, you will get to know about their influencers (a few obviously). On-demand they will send you some influencers’ profile through which you can see whether they will be good for your brand.

They also run live campaigns for different brands. A few brands that they worked with so far are Himalaya, Axis Bank, Nykaa, etc. among other influencer marketing services, viral marketing is one of their main USP.

5. StarNgage

StarNgage homepage

Another growing influencer marketing platform in India is StarNgage. They are present in all over the world, and they extended their services in India. They match the right influencers with the right brands, which is why they are famous among the influencer marketing platform. You can also monitor your campaign performance with their amazing online services.

You can set campaign reach, campaign budget, and target audience with the help of their extremely efficient team of influencer marketers. Their concept of visual storytelling is amazing. So, if you are looking for similar services to promote your brand, you can connect them.

To Sum With

Apart from the above-mentioned influencer marketing platforms, there are other platforms too who can provide similar services to you. After thorough research, we saw influencers would like to work with famous platforms that can provide continuous campaigns to them. You can understand that from our list.

Report suggests influencer marketing is the next big thing because it has enormous potential to reach the local mass in no time. Micro-influencers can influence the buying decision of their huge fan base. Moreover, it is cost-effective than the traditional marketing techniques; that is why social media marketers are fond of this of marketing technique. Every small to big brands are adopting influencer marketing to upscale their brand value. The best part of a campaign is you can measure the response in real-time, on the basis on which you prepare your next campaign.

If you think you have a unique brand that can draw a lot of people, start promoting it with the help of influencer marketing or looking for any Digital Marketing Consultant, and for that, you know whom to contact.

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