Most Popular 10 Places to visit in Bikaner Rajasthan

Most-Popular-10-Places-to-visit-in Bikaner

Bikaner is nestled amid Thar desert and it is a cultural paradise and a traveler’s heaven. This city is going to mesmerize you with the camel that sauntering the beautiful sand-dunes and this place is going to captivate you with its ancient palaces and forts.

The beauty of this district lies in its amazingly stunning golden sand dunes. This city is vibrant and colorful and will offer you a plethora of places that you can enjoy visiting.

Bikaner city was established by Rao Bika Ji, a Rajput prince and a great warrior and this city is rich with cultural heritage. You will love this city for its ancient temples, massive forts remain of Harappan culture and many more.

This city is popular for its delicious Sweets and Namkeens. This city will offer you must try dishes which include Bikaneri Bhujia and Rasgulla, kachori and many more. Here in this city, you will get a chance to enjoy a camel ride also.

This city is famous as “Choti Kashi” as this place has lots of ancient and significant temples like Lakshmi Nath temple, Garh Ganesh temple, Shivbari temples and many more.

Here I collect a list of popular places in Bikaner, you must love to visit them.

So, let’s start…

Karni Mata Temple


This temple is located in Deshnok that is just 30 Km from Bikaner. This is the place where you will see a special bonding between devotees and rats. This entire temple was built with white marble and this temple is dedicated to Maa Karni. This temple is unique not for its architecture but for the fact that 25,000 rats (kababs) live here and worshipped.

Junagarh Fort


This is one of the few forts which are not built on hills. This fort is in the arid region of Thar desert and it is popular for its marvelous architecture and intricate carvings which will leave you mesmerized.

Laxmi Nath temple


This is one among the oldest temple in Bikaner and this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This place has proof of the superb archeological skills of artists and artisans.

Camel Festival


This camel festival is two days event which is organized every year in January and this festival has some spectacular camel performances like camel dance, camel races and here in this festival, you can enjoy bumpy and neck shaking camel rides. Tourists in large numbers come here to enjoy this festival and they also participate in various competitions organized at this festival.

Rampuriya Haveli


Bikaner is famous for these Rampuriya Havelis. These Havelis are also not less than palaces and these Havelis are large, magnanimous and have extravagant houses complete with intricate details of carving and jharokhas.

Kote Gate


This is the local market here where you can enjoy your shopping. Here you can shop for buffed camel hide articles, khadi industry article, miniature painting along with delicious mouth-watering Bhujia and Rasulullah’s.

Shiv Bari temple


This temple is another attraction here and it is built of red sandstones. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and this temple has a beautiful wall painting of Nandi bull facing the Lord Shiva lingam.

Lalgarh Palace


This palace is another attraction in Bikaner and its design is greatly influenced by the Britishers. Here you will notice that its architecture reflects Rajput, Mughal and European style.

National research center on Camel


This place is another popular tourist attraction in Bikaner where you can enjoy different breeds of the camel. Here you can also enjoy an amazing camel ride and you can taste delicious products of camel milk.

Gajner Palace


This is a lakeside palace in the middle of the Thar desert. This palace is heritage property and it will offer you a lush green garden. Here you can also enjoy the facility of 3-star Gajner palace restaurant and Hotel.



SO these are some most popular spots in Bikaner. Please like, share and comment on which spot of Bikaner attracts you most.

Thank you

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