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Camel Festival in Bikaner

Rajasthan is popular in the world for its glory and royalty. Rajasthan is considered as the epitome of Indian culture. This royal state is world-famous for its glimpses of royalty. Rajasthan is popular because of holding several magnificent forts, Havelis, grandiose temples and also the expansive desert. 

The vast structure of Rajasthan narrates the historical stories whereas the desert of Rajasthan is the lifeline for “the ship of the desert”, the camel. The camel is species that is popular for surviving on one of the harshest and drylands in India.

This is the reason why Rajasthani people celebrate and dedicate a festival to the survival of the camel. every year, the camel festival is organized in Bikaner, a district in Rajasthan, t show their tribute to the camel. 

This camel festival in Bikaner is generally conducted every year in the month of January with great participation and enthusiasm in the honor of the camels. 

This royal animal of Rajasthan is not only popular because of its capability to survive in the harshest climate condition of Rajasthan desert, but also for its bravery. It is believed that “Ganga Risala”, the camel corps, are believed to participate in the world war and many Indo-Pak wars. Camels are also honored because of being very loyal and supportive of the border security force. 

What you can enjoy in camel fest


This two-day fest and it begins with magnificent camel parade against the backdrop of magnificent and vast Junagarh fort of Bikaner. 

Hundred and hundreds of camel participate in this festival and all of these camels are dressed in colorful and attractive jewelry. These camels are decorated with anklets and they dance on classic tunes of the land. 

Here you will enjoy many other activities like camel race, camel dance and many more cultural performances.  

The main attraction in the camel fest is night events where the sky is illuminated with mesmerizing fireworks. Some beautiful soals will show you great dance steps on the flaming fire stones.

Here you will enjoy watching folks enjoying great classical melodies and you must now miss the most popular puppet show here. In puppet shows, hand-stuffed dolls that are decorated with colorful dresses and jewelry dance on the rhythm of the owner and it depicts a spectacular story. 

 This festival will also provide you the opportunity to taste the camel milk made tea, sweets. These food products are very exotic and limited. 

This colorful and amazing festival is unfortunately for a very short span, but still peoples from all around the world do not fail to participate in this program. Thousands of tourists every year throughout the world come to participate in this festival and they enjoy the look of the glory of Rajasthan. 

You should also save the dates for this festival and here you will get a chance to enjoy not only camel performances but also other cultural activities, dance and great food along with the pleasure of celebrating the Indian culture with such high enthusiasm. 

What you can do in the Bikaner Camel Festival

This is a vibrant festival in Bikaner celebrating animals and peoples at a similar time. Lots of people are attracted to this festival and it has gained much popularity not in India only but all around the world. This is among the most popular festival in Rajasthan.

In this festival, you will get a chance to explore the glory of Bikaner city. This city is especially known for its sweets and snacks. You must not forget to taste the delicious ‘Bhujia’ and ‘Rasgulla’ here.

This city is also popular for its lot of history and here you can indulge in history by visiting the forts and the museums here.

This city will help you to enjoy vacations like royal and here you can hop on a camel and enjoy camel safari. 

Here you can also taste several camel products like icecreams, tea, kheer, a milkshake made from camel milk.  

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