Introduction to Digital Marketing And Its Significance


This digital marketing article will help you learn why Digital Marketing is important, what is Digital Marketing, what are the different channels of Digital Marketing.

In Digital Marketing, marketers can promote their campaigns on search engines, social media platforms, emails, mobile apps, etc.


What skills will you learn from a Digital Marketing course?

It will enable you to:

  1. Gain a thorough understanding of the various digital marketing disciplines: search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay per click (PPC), web analytics, content marketing, mobile marketing.
  2. Master digital marketing execution tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing and YouTube Marketing.
  3. Become a virtual digital marketing manager. Practice search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing and more.
  4. Gain real-life experience by finalizing projects using Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing and YouTube Marketing.
  5. Design the right marketing messages tailored to the right audiences.
  6. Prepare for top digital marketing certification exams.

Who should take the Digital Marketing course?

Individuals who are looking to make his or her professional career in digital marketing should take this course, especially those seeking leadership positions. Any of the below-mentioned roles can benefit from the Digital Marketing Specialist training:

  1. Marketing Managers
  2. Digital Marketing Specialists
  3. Marketing or Sales Professionals
  4. Management, Engineering, Business, or Communication graduates
  5. Entrepreneurs or Business Owners
  6. Marketing Consultant

I hope you enjoy yourself while you are learning and let’s get right to it.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

Nowadays, nearly every marketer is using digital marketing for his/her business. But, how did digital marketing become more popular than traditional marketing? That’s not a surprise. Over the past few decades, digital marketing has evolved at a rapid pace. These days, a lot of people spend most of their time on the Internet.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of promoting a company’s product or an individual’s product or service with the help of digital devices or technology.

Because of the benefits in digital marketing, you can promote your campaign on different platforms such as search engines, social media platforms, emails, mobile apps, etc.

What are the different Types / Channels Of Digital Marketing?


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will start with SEO because it increases the quality and quantity of relevant organic traffic on search engines including Google.

And what that means is somebody types a keyword, and you want that relevant page to show up first on Google and somebody can click on that link.


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is also known as SEM or pay per click or cost per click or PPC or CPC or sponsored search or Google Ads. SEM is really just using paid advertisements on search engines and other websites.

If you are willing to pay for it, you just bid on that keyword and voila you have the opportunity to appear number 1 in the search results and at the top of the page for that keyword. Now, when somebody clicks on it, you have to pay Google if you are advertising on Google.


  • Email Marketing

Let’s talk about the traditional type of digital marketing channel. It’s been around a long time. We all send emails on a daily basis and we probably all receive emails on a daily basis.

It is an effective way to capture leads and convert them into customers because with email, you can personalize your emails and you can send your emails to a segmented or targeted audience.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an effective way of digital marketing that involves a merchant paying commissions to one or more affiliates.


  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves creating different types of content for various social media platforms in order to promote products and services.

So you can be on Pinterest or Instagram and dealing with photos or you can be on twitter tweeting out certain products up to a limit. It really depends on the social media platform that drives the type of content you are going to promote. But we know, social media can be effective because people use social media.

Facebook is one of the popular platforms and if you want to get your products or services out there, you can certainly pay to have an advertisement on Facebook or you can just post your content organically.


  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is a really effective way of distributing valuable online content. It can simply text in the form of a blog post or it can be a video or infographics or image.

There are lots of ways to create content these days especially in digital marketing. And the great thing about content writing is you can write content for a targeted audience.


  • Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is really a strategy on its own that helps to promote your products or services to reach your targeted audience through a mobile device and you can do that via messaging, email, app.



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