How to Set Facebook Page Username If Facebook Does Not Allow


Are you not able to find Create Page @Username option on your Facebook page? Would you like to set a custom username for the page?

Don’t worry I am also facing the same issue while I was created my page on Facebook. But after some internet research, I was successfully able to set my page username.

First of all, I want to share with you the reason behind this issue.

Why is Facebook not showing this “Create Page @Username” option?

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms. As per internet statistics, Facebook haves more than 1.75 billion daily active users in September 2019 and more than 5000 new pages create every day. Also, Facebook did not have any limitation to page creation you can create unlimited pages but all pages must be specific to any categories.

When you create your first page, most of the time you will automatically get the option to “Create Page @Username” but this option will hide automatically once you create 3-4 pages.

There is probably some Facebook algorithm is behind this for which we have to face this problem.

Now the question is the question is,

How you can set a Facebook page username if Facebook does not allow you to do?

Always keep one thing in mind there must be another way to do anything. So, here I am discussed another way.

All you need to do, just follow these steps and set your Facebook page username.

Here you can check I have a Facebook page where Create Page @Username option not available.



Also, when I navigate to about page and try to create a username an error comes “This Page isn’t eligible to have a username.”



If you also get this error then don’t worry. I am telling you the way.

You just need the help of one of your Facebook friends. You need to make him temporarily admin of your page and then you can set your page username from his account.

Here are the steps.

First, navigate to settings >> Page roles page and select any one of your friend whom you want to make your page temporary admin.



Once you have done these steps then just login to your friend account and accept the page admin invitation.

Then you will find the Create Page @Username option on your page and you can easily set the username of your page.


Once you set your page username then you can also remove your friend admin role from your page.

If you find these tricks interesting then please share this in your social network and give the world a chance to know about this.

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