What is Spirituality?

Relationship Between Science and Spirituality

People think that spirituality is related to being anti-life or escaping from life. And they believe that it is forbidden to enjoy in the spiritual life and it is necessary to suffer. The truth is that it has nothing to do with the outer life.

Nor is it related to any religion, sect or religion. Spirituality is about how you are inside yourself. To experience life beyond the physical means to be spiritual. Spirituality is the way to establish a connection with god.

Difference between science and spirituality


Science refers to the previously collected information. Its theory is based on observation and experiment. Science is helpful for humans, trees, animals and other things. Science is based on facts,

Drawback: Science can not guide a way to live meaningfully for humans. A person who has negative energy can harm the human, animals and our planet with the help of science invention.

We cannot believe anything without being certified in science So it also distances us from the religious aspect. In science, only time, space, distance, energy are points of study.

There is a basic superstition in science. That my eyes will tell me the truth. And my mind can tell me the truth, but it is not possible to be right every time.


It helps to live a meaningful life. A spiritual person has very positive energy. He loves all other persons, trees, animals, and nature, he never tries to harm others. For different people, it also means something else like meditation, yoga, consciousness, and spiritual awakening.

In spirituality, a person can experience life beyond physicality. Spirituality is not just a belief system nor a creed. Spirituality is also not a particular way of thinking. Spirituality is just a deep immersion in truth.

Drawback: Spirituality cannot provide certified information, it can not help to cure against the illness for humans. It does not provide any solution for the diseases, accidents in human life, as well as for the protection of the problems of tree plants, animals, Spirituality is fully based on belief. there is no place for the fact.

So we cannot authenticate anything in it. Spirituality, who am I only, soul, cosmic system, etc. are the subjects of study?

Relationship Of Science And Spirituality?

When I was in the 5th class, my teachers often asked me. John, what do you want to become like a scientist or an artist?.

That time I was thinking why should I select only one field.

Why not both?

A scientist who is also an artist, like a person who has qualities. People in this world are thinking that science and spirituality are the opponents of each other but it is not true.

Science and Spirituality are not opponents of each other.

The real fact is that Science and Spirituality are not opposing. On the contrary, they are clear, co-operative, concomitant, collateral and co-operative.

Both provide important pieces to resolve the puzzle called life. The scientists take the external world as their field of research, and the spiritual seekers (Indians say him Rishis) take their internal world of experiences as the field of their exploration for truth.

Science seeks to know ‘what is the real world’ while spirituality tries to discover ‘who am I or what is humans’.Intelligence is understanding others and wisdom is understanding himself.

Humans in the modern era are only trying to understand and master the outside world. Through science, we have collected a big bank of knowledge and scientific research, but even when we are unhappy.

To be happy, to live a blissful and joyful life we have to know the way to connect the creator of the world, god. Spirituality is now normally thought to be basic to anyone, whether they are religious or atheistic. The concept has a long past. The word arises in Christianity. ‘The spiritual’ was basically contrasted with ‘fleshly’ which meant globally or contrary to God’s spirit.  

Special Thanks to Sheikh Tahir Siddiqui (Blogger and Digital Marketing Executive) to share this spiritual article with us.

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