Virtual Gaming: Experiencing Reality in Video Games

2019 is the defining age for technology. We live, we breathe we eat and we stare at our screen for hours.

Life is now built around mobile devices and computers with internet services. We think of it as one of the essentials, rather a lifestyle.

Sometimes as a source of income. Or simply a mode of recreation.

Gaming comes under all three of these categories. Computer programs designed to create ulterior realistic situations with a conflict to solve through a series of actions programmed into our computer controls are basically gaming.

Living our lives as characters programmed into one of our computer applications. Now, this is simply living life through somebody else’s.

men playing game

As the technological progressions advances, these things come closer to reality.

Like literally. First, it was surfing through a land looking for combats through a low res pixelated screen to a high definition multi reality with plots involving global dictation or extraterrestrial invasion right from our Xbox or PlayStation from the humble abode of our sofa in the living room our eyes glued to your TV screen.

That was 2019 though. As we are nearing the end of this year, the long-awaited and anticipated augmented and virtual reality technology has been popping up and down in our devices but never properly integrated into our lifestyle.

This changes with one of the most influential sectors of technology, gaming, as virtual reality take to the next level, of feeling and experiencing the game like never before.

What is virtual reality?

person with VR point his finger to you

Virtual reality is an artificial environment created by software in a particular way with the help of a device to make that artificial environment feel more real.

This is achieved through artificial intelligence technologies. The simplest form of this technology can be shown as a 3D image that can be explored interactively at a personal computer.

With the help of a cursor, you can move around in some direction or zone through the 3D image.


This artificial reality is designed to be more realistic, as much as possible through the help of some devices wrap-around displays rooms with augmented and wearable computers and haptic devices which will let you feel the environment created artificially through the display.

Here in this Wikipedia article, you’ll get complete knowledge about virtual reality.

Now, what is virtual reality gaming?

little girl playing virtual game

Basically virtual reality gaming is an experience through stimulation from a vision where a person is interacting and experiencing a three-dimensional environment as he or she would in a game but more realistic than staring at a screen.

How does this virtual gaming work? 

a boy thinking how-does-virtual-gaming-wor

Virtual gaming is the result of a lot of technological prowess through artificial intelligence and computer engineering, but mainly through this one sensing technology called biosensing.

Biosensing is a technology where it a precise way to detect a person’s presence in a game. It works through small sensors attached to devices that are designed for virtual gaming.

To something like a data glove, suit or even the body, the small sensors are attached and these sensors record movements made by that person in a 3D space, those movements are then recorded and then interpreted by a computer to trigger a variety of responses within that space which essentially makes it feel more real.

Like we are actual characters living in that game. 

Let’s say you’re using a suit to play a combat game. The sensors attached to the game will record your movements and then interpret them as moves and attack, counterattack or defend against the opponent.

Men wearing combat suit

The way your hand and legs move would be exactly how the computer will display as an action in the game. It analyses or your movements as data and transforms them into appropriate actions on the screen. Through these technicalities, the player becomes a vital part of the game. This experience is known as ‘immersive experience’. You can see how this world in the film called ‘The Lawnmower Man’ to familiarize yourself with the idea of a person exploring the imaginative world of virtual reality.

What about the role of the internet in this virtual reality gaming?


Every good thing we know now in our computers is almost through the means of world connectivity, i.e, the internet.

Gamers and programmers all around the world are developing and exploring the power of three dimensions and spreading it through the internet.

Now with more and more availability of powerful devices, we can use the internet in a dynamic way. Rather the clicking only, we can scan and physically touch the web page and manipulate it.

All of this is possible through virtual reality and 3D sensing. This interaction in a virtual world like ‘second life’ allows everyone to socialize with each other in a 3D environment.

But, really,

How does this virtual gaming program work? 


We communicate with each other through languages. This language differs from region to region. Just like that virtual reality is used through technical computer languages like 

  • VRML (virtual reality modeling language) the oldest VR language for the internet
  • X3D has replaced VRML.
  • COLLADA (collaborative design activity) allows you to exchange files within 3D programs.
  • 3DML this enables visiting websites via a plugin.

Through these, we give life to our virtual identities and explore everything and anything we can through virtual reality.

Truly, this is the golden age of technology with years of more wonders coming ahead.

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