Various Benefits of Using Pre Employment Testing Online

Various Benefits of Using Pre Employment Testing Online

The ever-changing market scenario has also impacted the recruiting process followed by the enterprises. From conducting tests and interviews on-premises, they are using online assessment tools to reduce the cost of investment in hiring the best candidates.

Online assessments have also reduced the time taken to conduct the test, analyze the forms, shortlist eligible candidates, and finally select the most suitable candidates.

While personal interviews are still popular, enterprises are also using online video interviews when face to face interviews are not possible. Large scale enterprises have been outsourcing the online testing process to different companies that provide pre employment test tools.

Other enterprises work together with the companies to customize and create test forms, conduct the tests, analyze the forms, and shortlist the candidates.

By integrating the test tool with the HR system of the enterprise, the team of recruiters can work on the test forms from a single device. There are countless benefits of using Pre Employment Testing Online when compared to following traditional methods of recruiting.

Measure the Candidate’s Performance

A resume has never really the best way to measure the performance of a candidate. It comes as no surprise that enterprises have multiple rounds/ stages of recruitment to filer as much as possible and hire only those who are a perfect fit for the job and the work environment.

Online pre employment assessments can be designed for a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the candidates’ abilities and skills, along with their personality traits and behavioral patterns.

Efficient Hiring Practices

Using pre employment tests make it easy for the recruiting team to handle the entire process. Instead of sorting and filtering numerous applications, they can use the test to shortlist the eligible ones. Candidates who do not fit the job description can be disqualified in the first stage of recruiting by using pre employment tests.

Eliminate Human Error

When enterprises conducted tests on-premises, the sheets were scored and graded by the HR team. Apart from being a time-consuming and laborious task, the chances of human error were high. A simple distraction or miscalculation can change the fate of a candidate and of the enterprise.

Online pre employment testing is computerized. The parameters for analyzing the test forms are pre-defined in the system. After the test, the forms are evaluated by the system, and the results are directly displayed. If required, based on the cutoff percentage, a shortlist of candidates can also be generated from the system. This also ensures that favoritism doesn’t play a part in selecting candidates.

24×7 Test Access

Enterprises can conduct the test any time of the day. This allows candidates who belong to different time zones to attempt the test at a time they are comfortable with. The time can be decided as per the convenience of the candidate. The test forms can be evaluated on the next day or so.

Enterprises can conduct the tests for any number of candidates. Where a single candidate wants to attempt the test at that time or a few hundreds, it can be arranged as required. There is no limit to the number of times the test can be conducted either.

Save Time, Money, and Effort

Enterprises have saved more than 60% of their time and money by switching over to using pre employment assessments. The HR team now has more time to focus on the core aspects of the job in addition to handling the recruiting process.

Scalable, Flexible, and Customizable

As mentioned above, any number of candidates can attempt the test. The test forms can be customized to include audio and video files, allow video interviews, and real-time scenarios where candidates are expected to solve the problem rather than simply respond to multiple-choice questions.

Easy for Candidates

Candidates don’t have to reach the said venue to attempt the assessment tests. Whether they are in a different city, state, or country, they can complete the test online through their laptops or computers. There is no need to install any additional software of plug-ins. The test tool works on most devices.

Legal Compliance

Enterprises don’t have to worry about any legal complications if using Pre Employment Testing Online to hire candidates. The companies that provide the test tools make it a point to follow the regulations set by the industry.

While we cannot say that pre employment tests give 100% true results, the test does reduce the margin of error in many ways. However, it depends on the integrity of the candidates to answer truthfully, no matter how open-ended the questions are and how carefully the real-time scenarios are chosen in the assessments.

But since candidates do know that they can be happy with an enterprise only when they are comfortable with the work environment, we can see a majority of them being truthful.

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