Best Smartphones Under Rs 10000


It’s quite difficult for you to search for the best Smartphones under Rs 10000 in the market. There will be full of chances that you will end up with too many options. As you know, technology is continuously increasing and they have become more affordable these days and many mobile manufacturing companies have started manufacturing mobile phones featuring 16MP rear cameras, full HD displays and fingerprint sensors under 10,000 and they are also increasing battery size which means that you don’t need to charge your phone more frequently. 

Top 5 Best Smartphones Under Rs 10000

Here in this article, we are trying to make your work easy and enlisting some best Smartphones under Rs 10000. All the phones listed in this article are the latest and are under 10K and these will give you the best of all worlds, for smart devices under this price. 


This phone is a massive upgrade over Realme 3. Realme 5 phone is better for mid-ranger and it features Snapdragon 665 SoC under the hood. Also, this phone features your 11nm manufacturing process of SoC and it will give you 5,000mAh battery inside. This phone is long-lasting and is top among a list of smartphones under 10,000. Additionally, this phone also has the quad-camera setup and this phone is full of features. This phone is having a 12MP camera and it followed by a wide-angle and macro lens with a depth sensor. This sensor and macro lens will offer you a lot of flexibility in shooting. With this phone, you will also get a 6.5 inch LCD and expensive Corning Gorilla Glass 3 over it. 

Purchase it from Amazon India (Price Rs. 9623/-)

Purchase it from Flipkart (Price Rs. 9999/-)


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This is a perfect phone for selfie lovers. This is the only and perfect phone under 10,000 and this will offer you a 48MP camera at the back. With this phone, you will also get the Samsung GM-1 sensor. This covers around ½ inch surface area and 48 million pixels of this phone combine to form 12 million pixels for a perfect and sharp shot. This phone will also bring you the reliable Snapdragon 660 at this price and this feature makes this phone good for gaming purposes also. 

Purchase it from Amazon India (Price Rs. 9850/-)

Purchase it from Flipkart (Price Rs. 9999/-)


This best phone packs a 4000mAH battery that last for one and a half-day on normal to heavy use> Along with great battery life, this phone also sporting a macro camera. This phone will offer you an impressive battery life and no bloatware and it also brings you a noteworthy macro camera. All these features make this phone one of the best smartphones you can buy under Rs. 10k.

Purchase it from Amazon India (Price Rs. 10988/-)

Purchase it from Flipkart (Price Rs. 9999/-)


This phone is not offering you 48 MP camera but offers you a refined experience and these will make you thank the Snapdragon 660 SoC under the hood. Additionally, this phone is also having new gradient colors and a vibrant display and it is among the best phones which are in your budget. The camera performance of this phone is excellent and it has a 12 MP sensor which makes it a good sharable photo. While its front camera takes good enough selfies. The primary camera of this phone has AI scene detection and feature of night mode and it uses multi-frame processing to improve details and reduce noise. This phone is good enough and is protected with Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides and it comes with a premium glass finish. 

Purchase it from Amazon India (Price Rs. 9899/-)


This phone comes with a high res 32 MP selfie camera and the manufacturer of this phone has established this phone as a selfie-centric phone in the market. But this phone will offer you much more with an equally capable of a dual camera on the back. This phone will offer you decent performance and you will thank its snapdragon 632 SoC which is helpful in gaming. It also looks good and comes with gradient colors. 

Purchase it from Amazon India (Price Rs. 8999/-)

Purchase it from Flipkart (Price Rs. 8328/-)


So these are the best smartphones under 10000 which will offer you all the best features that too in your budget. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission. Please like, share and comment on which smartphone under budget you like the most. 

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