Top 10 Best MLM Software Company in the USA

Top 10 MLM Software Company

MLM or Multi-level marketing Software is a marketing management tool that helps the companies and their distributors with the sale of products or services.

It helps in managing the customers, their past sales records, inventory, and shipments. Each company has its own specific financial plan that pays out to participants from the revenue streams.

Top 10 MLM Software Company

Elite MLM Software


It is the best software company that helps in enhancing the network for business marketing. The company provides many MLM plans that suit the customer like binary, uni-level, monoline, forced matrix, and more.

It is available in multi-languages and has many key features like Ecommerce Integration, Automatic Payment Processing, Tax Calculation, Payment Gateway Integration, etc. that make it the best and unique company. It has a large team of experts that are ready to serve the customers with their expertise.

The software pricing starts at $500 that is a one-time payment per user. It also offers a free trial.



Epixel is a data-driven MLM software that helps the customer in discovering the insights that help in taking better decisions for taking the business to a new level.

The company uses the right tool that helps in increasing the profit of the organization. Modifications can be made in the software as per the customer’s requirement.

The software has world-class features that help in accelerating sales. It follows all the security guidelines and ensures complete customer satisfaction.



It is an MLM software that takes care of all the problems faced by any company. It helps in operating the business with complete efficiency.

It helps with payment processing, multi-language management of inventory, report analysis, tax management, etc.

The reports and data can be easily exported from the system to excel. The experts provide continuous backup for the growth and the bright future of the company.

The cost of purchase is quire high i.e. $2200 per user. It is a one-time payment.

Lead MLM


The lead MLM Software is designed to help the business to run smoothly in a highly organized manner.

It provides efficient business plans with an effective optimization process that eventually helps in increasing the profit of the company.

The software offers 10 different colors for the theme of the interface. The internal mail system enables passing and transmitting the information through the MLM platform. The one-time payment to purchase the software is $650 per user.

Secure MLM


It is a fully-functional network marketing software with many plans like Unilever, party, Gift, Binaria, Step Stair, etc. It supports different payment gateways and is available in the form of a mobile app.

This enables the customer to manage the business with a single touch from anywhere. It helps in creating pages like Lead Capture that is very beneficial in the growth of the business.



It is a unique software by Krato which is a company known for identifying and fitting various technologies to meet the challenges faced by the industry. The training is given through live sessions and webinars.

It offers 24/7 support to the customers. The disadvantage of this software is that it does not offer a free trial or a free version.



The software integrates advance and unique features for both domestic and international clients. It offers MLM compensation plans like forced MLM, Australian, party, binary MLM, etc.

On registering, the users receive a replicated website that is used as a downline recruiting tool. It is integrated with the Cheetah builder to create lead capture pages.

Infinite MLM Software


The software provides a wide range of plans and customizations for the customers. It can be integrated easily with Magento and Opencart that enables the smooth functioning of the company.

It supports the Genealogy tree that represents the members in a tree according to their positions. An E-pin is used for the safe purchase of products. The one-time price for the purchase of the software is $950 per user.

Exigo Nano


It is an open-source and flexible software that requires very little technical expertise. It has key features like replicated websites, back office, signup, CRM distributor tools, etc. It easily creates point balances and customer subscriptions.

Cloud MLM Software

Cloud MLM Software

It is a direct selling software that is easily customizable according to the client’s requirements. It is well-suited for everyone right from start-ups to large enterprises.

Anyone who requires a high-quality service can opt for this software. The one-time pricing is $750 per user. It also offers a free trial.

The Final Say

Elite MLM software has emerged as the top class company with many salient features and an affordable price as compared to others. It is always striving hard and working untiringly for the benefit and upliftment of the customers.

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