Recent Changes on Methods of Education


The past decade has seen a huge advancement in the field of Education, it has also been noticed that the structure of Education is also changing in India. India is a country where the population, geographical location, and economy is highly diversified, poverty has been a huge hurdle in the field of education. As we all know that the education system of each and every country has its own flaws and their government is trying to get rid of the same. India has not been an exception, the education system here is considered as a bit outdated, which has been under the scrutiny of the government as well as some non-governmental organizations for both profit-making as well as non-profit making. These organization has been very helpful in developing the education system as a whole.

The Caste System has been a likely part for the setback of growth of education system in India, the poor economic condition in the slums has also been responsible to a very high extent, in the slums we are likely to find that the schools have been set up by the government but no resources are available for educating the Poor.

The different Organizations that work in the field of Education have been very helpful in bringing Technology for the advancement of Education. Before they stepped in, there was little to no technology in these classrooms. In today’s India, classrooms are full of technological equipment which helps to increase the efficiency and quality of education provided to students.

The different tools used in the field of Education are

  • Smart classes
  • Online Classes
  • Virtual Classroom
  • E-Books
  • Online Notes
  • Educational Groups
  • Educational Websites

There are different websites available that provide detailed information on different topics. While a decade back a student studying in the School Level used to depend on textbooks and coaching classes, but in the current generation students use technology like Online Tuitions, Downloading E-Books to gain knowledge and stay ahead. Even they use different search engines to get detailed information about any topic or about a school or college.

Technology is increasingly influencing the Educational sectors. The more technology is advancing, the more students are benefitting from the use of such tools to enhance their knowledge and stay ahead in this highly competitive world. India has vastly developed in the education field in recent years, there have been companies like Byjus and others who let the students learn directly using their cell phones. There are many varied numbers of courses to help them gain knowledge and constant online support to help them solve their queries.

A recent survey has shown that around 40% of students studying in the ICSE & CBSE Board are brought up in a family where working both the parents are working. Hence, these parents are highly dependent on Home Tutors where they expect the Private Tutor to take care and responsibility of their child and help the student to overcome the academic hurdles. There are several Institutes available on the market who assist the guardians in finding such suitable teachers for your child, thus bridging the Gap Between Quality Education. These institutes take a detailed report about the child and the Guardians’ Requirement for trying to understand the kind of teacher who would be more suitable to the child, they then discuss the same requirement with the Teacher. The Institutes help the Students with different Subjects like Physics Home Tutor, English Home Tutor, Maths Home Tutor, they also provide Montessori Trained Teachers for smaller kids who are in the Play School Levels.

We can say that the current market scenarios are assisting the organizations and business houses to invest in technologies that assist the education sector, the young generation is also getting enormous benefits from such developments. With this advancement of Technology Education is developing hand in hand and we all are benefitting from the same.

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