Where should Medical students be actually volunteering?

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Medical students are in luck. The volunteer work they will be volunteering in is going to be meaningful. A lot of recognized societies and organizations will be offering meaningful volunteering programs where they can learn new skills and put existing skills to use. They will also be able to learn other new things while helping people in need.

One of the best things about students volunteering abroad is that they learn new cultures, earn a feeling of satisfaction and find the experience rewarding. They benefit their experience and knowledge by helping others in turn.

Embarking on volunteering missions abroad helps medical students explore different countries. Among them are El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala, Ghana, Argentina, Peru, Kenya and Uganda. These developing nations have emerging healthcare sectors but often face a shortage of physicians.

Let us now learn about some benefits of volunteering.

Benefits of volunteering for medical students

Students of Caribbean medical school are often found volunteering in programs of the world health organization (WHO) in the Caribbean island nations. This helps them learn their field from a whole new perspective. 

Here are some benefits of volunteering we all must understand:

It gives students satisfaction

Volunteering helps students obtain an outstanding sense of achievement, pride & self-realization. They find out that their altruistic actions & real-time decisions have helped create a significant difference in the lives of those in need. This experience is heartwarming and remains memorable.

Students obtain valuable experience

Volunteering gives students a chance to home in on their existing skills and make use of their intellect. They will also be engaging in tasks they are quite avid about. This gives them an opportunity to practice and fine tune their skills.

Students’ careers are boosted

Students are at a good chance in acquiring valuable experience when they are volunteering during their studies. This helps them move forward in their career in many ways. This also gives them the chance to explore medicine and its branches on a practical level.

They learn a different perspective to life

Volunteering overseas presents students a chance in learning a new language, connecting with different kind of people, experiencing new cultures and understanding life from a whole new perspective.

They overcome negative feelings in themselves

Volunteering programs help students overcome anxiety, anger, stress and other negative feelings. They feel something positive in their emotions and experience a profound satisfaction in helping others. In fact, they are the building bridges between worlds. 

This not only brings meaning to their lives but also working for everyone’s welfare helps improve a medical student’s overall perspectives of life and career.

Where should students be volunteering?

Here is a brief overview of some countries where medical students should be volunteering.

Volunteering in Latin America

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela are among the nations that require overseas volunteers in certain areas. Venezuela is currently facing a humanitarian crisis during the recent political turmoil whereas El Salvador has been hit by a crime wave. Honduras has been improving but Guatemala falls behind.

Argentina’s healthcare is emerging but is 4th in Latin America. Remote areas of the country fall behind in adequate provision and healthcare camps are often set up to help those in need. Similar scenarios are observed in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Most Latin Americans go to Mexico, Brazil and the United States for medical treatment, especially the wealthy, when the local hospitals are not enough.

Volunteering in Ghana

Only recently has Ghana’s healthcare started to thrive. Yet, it faces a substantial need for volunteers and medical camps as the country’s northernmost areas are badly affected. It is through these volunteers that the country’s healthcare has started emerging.

Volunteering in Kenya

Kenya has a considerable populace living in abject poverty which has little or no access to adequate healthcare. Though recently the sector has started to emerge, but rural areas often lack access to healthcare. 

Due to shortage of skilled resources and machines, numerous people in Kenya lose their lives to ailments that are preventable.

Volunteering in Ethiopia

The sector in Ethiopia has been emerging but certain areas (such as the Muslim majority areas) lack access to proper healthcare and such has impacted the life expectancy in this eastern African nation.

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