Complete Guidelines to Manage your MBA in Foreign University

Teacher guide students for MBA

This article is a Complete guideline to manage your MBA in Abroad.

Here in this article, we would like to share with you, what all need to do to complete your MBA. What exams you need to crack for MBA also we’ll tell you about Top 5 Colleges in the World to complete your MBA.

Now firstly what we want to tell is that there are students after Engineering or Graduation at all times try to determine for MBA.

MBA is one of the most successful streams for students for their job or for proficient people for their progress in their job or for their own corporate. MBA was first introduced in the USA in the early 20th Century for a scientific approach towards Management.

One of the major advantages of an MBA is that students from any background whether it is science or it is commerce or any background can go for an MBA. We will discuss that in the article.

When we are talking about MBA the first thing that we come across is to study an MBA abroad. Studying abroad is a good option as an opportunity is more in any developed country than any developing country. Besides in foreign countries, the entrance exam for MBA is based on the subject students want to study.

But in our country, there is a common entrance test for all the students coming from different educations. Now today we will be deliberating students on how to study MBA abroad.

Top exams to crack for MBA in abroad

Here we will share some of the most common exams name which you need to crack before MBA admission in foreign countries.


GRE which stands for Graduate Record Examinations is an admission requirement for any graduate school mainly in the USA and Canada. It is a computer-based examination with a duration of 3 hours. The cost of the exam is US$ 205. To take admission in good colleges in abroad you need to score good marks in the GRE examination.

To know more about the GRE exam you can check this article.

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GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test is organized to evaluate certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in English. GMAT covers over 7000 programs and 2,300 business schools around the world. So, students, it is a very important exam and a bit tough so you all should prepare hard for both the exams.

Check this article to know more about the GMAT exam.

Top Colleges to Study MBA around the World

Here I am putting some of the names of the best MBA colleges in the world: –



One of the most in-demand college for MBA jumped from 4th position in 2018 to 1st position in 2019. The course is a bit affluent with US$ 1,41,180 but in return, the students from here are getting placed with an average package of US$ 1,44,455. In its employability, it stands on 3rd position.

Check here this college website.



Another college of almost the same standard as of Stanford. It is known as one of the most leading universities with the first-ever MBA program to be launched in the year 1908. The 24-month program in this college is also pricey at around US$ 1,46,880.  But in this college also students receive an average salary of around US$87,751 to US$ 1,35,000.

Click here to visit Harvard Business School website



Coming to the college again in the USA which has received a Bronze medal this year. This college was founded in 1881 world’s oldest Business School. The program in this college is a bit shorter compared to other colleges but it is expensive. The 21-month program outlays around US$ 1,57,896. Again, the same thing students should not worry about placements as average package placements are around US$ 1,30,000.

Visit here the College website.



From the USA we now come to one of the leading colleges in the UK. This college comes 3rd in their employability, 8th for leadership quality, 8th for entrepreneurship. The 21-month program outlays around US$ 92,718. The average salary in placements is around US$ 70,903 to US$ 1,07,931

Click here to visit the London Business School website.



This college is situated in Paris. This institution is the first institution that has offered an MBA in Europe. Not only that this is the first institution that offers a one-year MBA program. Globally INSEAD is ranked sixth.  The 10-month program outlays US$ 1,00,909. But once again placements are very good with an average salary of US$ 55,200 to US$ 1,04,600.

Visit here to Insaed website.

These are some of the top-notch colleges all over the world but besides this, there are many colleges outside India and we also have good colleges in India from where we get good placement.

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