How to rent a car: Car Rental Guide

Renting a car can become difficult and if you previously had a bad experience with car hire it can even seem intimidating.  

Some other things that people show concern over include age restriction, insurance coverage, and penalties. However, if you are aware of how these things work, you can deal with them easily. We are going to share some tips with you to equip you with the right knowledge.  

Identify your Itinerary needs: 

The type of car you should rent must fulfill all your transit needs. So, analyze the vacation practically. If you are going to visit Doha Corniche, for instance, it is not a good choice to visit the place in the daytime. Similarly, if you are planning to go on a trip to a remote area and the route includes rough terrains, it is not wise to choose a sedan or a small car that cannot run smoothly in those uneven terrains. 

If you are getting around within the city, you want your trip to be comfortable and smooth as most of your time is going to be spent on highways and roads. If you want a luxurious ride, opt for a hybrid car or a vehicle that best suits the inter-city travel needs. 

So, when you want to meet your rental needs to travel within the city, these features should be your priority: 

Great Drivability 

Cities are tight with congested roads. You need a vehicle that is comfortable and does not irritate you when you are stuck in traffic or waiting for the signal to turn green. 

Also, being a cosmopolitan city, Qatar has people from all around the world. Different people have different driving styles since driving and the roads are different in each country. Some people have an aggressive driving style, while some people drive defensively. In such a case, an automatic vehicle will be a great fit that provides you with amazing safety features such as cameras and sensors.  

Small Size for Easy Parking 

Getting parking spaces within the city can be difficult. By getting a car that is smaller in size and is close to the ground, you can easily park your car. 

Great Intercity Mileage 

When you are driving in the main city, you keep on stopping and accelerating due to traffic signals and road congestion. You hardly get the chance to use cruise control or eco-cruise. So, when you are not using a feature why should you pay for it. Save money and get a car that does not have these. 

Features You Will Want with Intracity Travel 

If you want to go on a long road trip, the following should be your priority: 

Lots of Leg Room 

You cannot comprise comfort if you know you will be sitting in the car for hours. A spacious vehicle will give you a relaxed posture.  

Storage Space 

You want space for all your gadgets and belongings. Whether it is in the truck or at the back seat, a vehicle that has plenty of room for storage would do ok in an intra-city trip. 

Great Fuel Economy 

When you are going on a long road trip, you know that you will be traveling a lot. If you want to opt for an economy car rental. A car that offers good fuel economy and can store a great amount of fuel won’t run out of gas on the way. 

Amenities you should choose 

Some great amenities you should choose include: 

  • A dash camera 
  • GPS Features 
  • Extra Safety Features 
  • Backseat Comfort 


After you have identified which vehicle suits your needs in the best way, you need to be aware of the following things: 

  • You need to have a credit card to pay for the vehicle because some credit cards provide car insurance, so you don’t have to buy an extra one 
  • Booking in advance can also save you some money 
  • Car insurance covers the rental. So, before opting for extra insurance, double-check with your auto-insurer and credit card company. Most of them cover you for car rental insurance. 
  • Take a photo of the gas tank indicator before you drive away  
  • Inspect the vehicle closely and tell the car rental company if you find any scratches or damage 



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