15 Components To Control For Truck Maintenance


Trucks are the core of every transport company. The quality of your services and the satisfaction of your customers will depend on the optimal operation of your trucks.

That is why you must be sure that each vehicle is in optimal condition. Before making long trips, one of the most important parts to consider is monitoring the tires of your truck.

It is essential that they are in perfect condition in order to avoid car accidents. In this article, we will explain the importance of keeping the tires of your medium-sized truck in good condition.

Are you looking over everything you need to ensure the maintenance of your trucks?

1. Oil:

The oil change is one of the fundamental factors for your trucks maintenance.

You need to follow your manufacturer’s specifications, in order to know the amount of distance needed to be covered before changing the engine oil.

2.Oil filter:

To ensure proper lubrication of your truck it is essential to regularly change the oil filter.

3. Spark plugs:

The spark plugs cause the spark produced by the engine ignition. Although they resist a large number of kilometers, they must be checked and changed to avoid problems in starting the truck.

4. Shock absorbers:

It is necessary to frequently check the condition of the truck suspension. As a result, you will avoid problems of stability and bad behavior in the curves.

5. Tyre pressure:

Regularly checking the tire pressure will prevent punctures and improve the adhesion of your truck to the road.

6. Battery level:

Don’t wait for your truck to stop working and regret not changing the battery! Change it on time to gain efficiency.

7. Motor temperature:

You must constantly check that the engine does not overheat. Otherwise, your truck may suffer a breakdown.

8. Engine timing belt:

You should change the engine timing belt periodically, depending on its usage.

9. Fuel and air filters:

The fuel filter allows to improve engine performance in an efficient manner.

It needs to be checked periodically to verify its operation.

Changing the air filter will depend on the use of your truck. If the air to be filtered is dirtier, it will soon lose its effectiveness.

10. Change of bearings:

In a vehicle such as a truck, wheel bearings must withstand a lot of weight. That is why it is necessary to check them frequently.

11. Change of brakes:

Brakes are a basic safety element with which you cannot be lenient. As soon as you notice the slightest change in their effectiveness, review them for operational purposes.

12. Windshield Wipers

Depending on the weather and the frequency of rain, the use of your trucks’ windshield wipers can vary. Check its performance from time to time, you never know when you will need it.

13.  Sensors

Depending on the load you carry, your truck may have different sensors. The most common ones are for temperature and doors. They do not have a specific lifespan, their reliability depends on the manufacturer. Periodically supervise its operation for efficiency.

14. Lights

The lights of your truck are an indispensable component to guarantee road safety. Bringing molten light can not only carry a fine but, also puts your safety at RI.

The greatest danger is the possibility of causing an accident. Before beginning your trip, check that all lights are working correctly.

15. Tires

The change of truck and bus tires should occur when you notice excessive wear on them. If not, you can still risk from suffering a blowout. Sometimes, the tires are not worn, but their lifespan is coming to an end.

Now you know the main components that you should consider for truck maintenance. Extend the life of your trucks and avoid accidents, breakdowns, and penalties.

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