4 Most Modern Color Combinations for Your Exclusive Bridal Dresses

In Pakistan, a wedding is one of the most important events for women as they have the smart opportunity to wear a variety of beautiful and good-looking dresses and show off their smart personality. But this mega event is only the most awaiting moment for brides who are the core of this event. At her wedding, a girl makes all efforts to look gorgeous and for this, she has to choose one of the most pretty Pakistani bridal dresses from a bridal wear assortment. 

There is no doubt elegant and trendy wedding dresses are the most significant aspect of any wedding event and thus to look as dazzling as possible, it is very imperative for brides to have appeared with the most stunning dress style, but also to prefer the eye-catching color amalgamation through which sophistication is combined with glamour. Besides, a Pakistani wedding consists of various events and Mehndi is the occasion in which all fun together by dancing and singing. It is one of the wedding events for which the bride wants to look pretty. And of course, there is a variety of Pakistani mehndi dresses for brides from which a bride has to choose one stylish dress.

The red shade is the tradition in Pakistan for weddings, and thus this color is a traditional shade for Pakistani bridal dresses. Brides prefer this shade for Barat event, lighter colors for valima occasion, and yellow for the event of fun, mehndi. By adhering to these beautiful traditional shades for dresses, you have the option to create exclusive color blends to be prominent at your wedding and its related events like mehndi.

In this post, Exclusive Inn, the hub of online designer Pakistani dresses, would like to guide you about the latest bridal dresses color combination.

4 Most Modern Color Combinations for Your Exclusive Bridal Dresses


  1. Color Blend with Red for Bridal Dresses

Red is the charming shade and always symbolizes love and a positive feeling of liking. For this very reason, this shade has been the most frequent color that is worn by Pakistani brides on their wedding event. Brides wear red not only on their Barat but usually in their routine lives as well.

Color combination for bridal costumes with red can be with many other shades. We suggest you dull gold. For your wedding /Barat function, you can go with this color combination and prefer the maxi style with intricate and sophisticated embroidery designs to look stunning. Red color has the great potential to give your wedding dress an eye-catching and attention-grabbing look that cannot be given by many other colors.

  1. Color Blend with Pink for Bridal Dresses

Traditionally, lehengas, shararas or maxis are preferred for Barat as the bridal dress. These dress styles are best and you can also prefer pink shade.

The shade of pink, much like red, is one of the most ideal colors for a Barat, an event of love and happiness. Pink is the shade that can be matched perfectly with any other shade. Girls dress Pakistani, especially for brides, are usually simple pink or coupled with the shade of golden. We suggest a unique color combination to be prominent, which is orange that can be used with pink.

  1. Color Blend with Green for Bridal Dresses

Green has a variety of shades. But the darker tones of this shade are the best ones for brides. We suggest the green’s darker tones so that your smart jewelry and embroidery design can be prominent.

Green is the royal shade that can be paired with golden. With this eye-catching color blend, you will have an absolutely sensational bridal dress for your Barat. By wearing this perfect color combination, the wedding dresses chosen by you are in a lighter shade of green for valima function but we suggest dark green for Barat and mehndi.

  1. Color Blend with Blue for Bridal Dresses

Blue is another very striking shade for a Pakistani wedding ceremony. If you prefer lehenga or maxi style bridal dress with royal blue or navy shade, you will be with an absolutely royal look. But, you will need to pair royal blue with the perfect shade, and we suggest silver. With this color combination, you will be able to give an impressive look to your Barat dress. Although royal blue is not very common among brides, Pakistani bridal dresses look dazzling.

We simply say, whichever shade you decide to wear for your wedding, with the perfect color combination, any color can look attractive.

Regardless of the red’s traditional connection with Barat event in Pakistan, yellow for mehndi, and gray or white for valima, there are many different shades you can choose from. In fact, being different is important.

You can ensure your stunning look by preferring a distinctive color combination for your exclusive bridal dress.

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