Top 8 VPN for Online Games | Super Fast VPNs for 2020


A VPN for online games is the necessity of the hour. The full form of VPN is a Virtual Private Network and creates a private network from a public connection. One could be exposing private information without A VPN, Thus it works as a security measure for your device, location, browsing history, etc.

Basically a Good VPN helps in –

  1. Safety and security of data while playing online games.
  2. Easy downloading and playing of games worldwide.
  3. Speedy and faster experience.

The Top-Rated VPN For 2020 are-



SurfShark Website

SurfShark has around 800 servers serving over 50 locations. The unlimited device support feature is really commendable. Some other good features of this VPN are ad blocker, tracker blocker, anti-malware feature. It even has a special feature through which certain websites and apps can pass the VPN as per requirement. This VPN can be used while playing the best online games.



CyberGhost Website

Cyber Ghost is one of the oldest VPN and exists since 2011. It has been commonly used for playing online games all over the world. It allows the access of famous social media platforms like facebook, youtube exclusively in the VPN. The Kill Switch Feature, linux support & custom app features are the highlights of this VPN.



TunnelBear Homepage

TunnelBear is a user-friendly VPN. It offers around 1000 servers and serves 20+ locations. The service offers a wide range of client software and exceptional performance. The Company gets extra points for the privacy it provides and high security while playing best of online games.



VyprVPN Homepage

VyprVPN is one of the largest IP adress bank. This VPN excels at guarding the networks and providing effective privacy. The special kill switch feature and the service of dedicated IP address makes this VPN stand out as one of the best VPNS. It also offers a wide range of protocols.


IPVanish VPN

IPVanish-VPN Website

IP Vanish serves 70+ countries with 1300+ VPNS and 40000+ IP addresses. Vanish VPN has excellent download speeds along with live chat support. The VPN gives quick connectivity and attracts the customers with its 7 day money back guarantee.


Pure VPN

Pure-VPN Homepage

Pure VPN provides more than a lakh IP addresses. It has over 2000 servers and serves more than 150 locations. The company offers 31-day refund policy and stands out as the first VPN to implement the GDPR fully.


Hide My Ass

Hide-My-Ass Homepage

The services of this VPN provider is as good as its name. The good choice of its protocols makes this VPN a strong one. Hide My Ass gives the privilege of VPN on various devices.


Nord VPN

Nord-VPN Homepage

Nord VPN is one of the best VPN to play online games as it has strong security and fast connectivity. It serves in more than 59 countries and is compatible with usually all the platforms. The protection of this VPN is quite good and avoids against DDoS attacks. It also provides a 30-day money back guarantee that helps the customers test this VPN service.


  1. First of all I think it depends on the game and your location, but there are some services that have servers close to major gaming servers with dedicated routes for the traffic. It really depends on your real location and how far away gaming server is, but personally I’ve chosen Nord vpn as it has over 5K of servers and dedicated IPs, so I’d recommend trying it out.

  2. When I’m gaming on public Wi-Fi using my Iphone, Atlas VPN is always enabled. I think it’s a great free option for anyone that wants to save a buck. Could you share your insights on it as well?

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