7 Important Tips for Starting a Business of Your Own and Entrepreneurship

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When we think about setting up a business of our own, that dilemma comes to mind. And now? Where do I start? Where do I get the information? What business do I ride?

Setting up a business is not one of the simplest tasks.

I know how it works, so I’ve put together 7 important tips for setting up a business of your own that can give you some cool insight.

1 – Improve and improve what already exists

Choosing a business segment is not one of the simplest tasks; Having an original and unique idea, different from what already exists, is definitely not easy and sometimes not the best way either.

Improving and adapting what already exists can be much easier and cost-effective!

In addition, it is very important to know our talents, skills, and tastes, because working with segments we do not like, do not know or have affinity can be a recipe for failure.

Whichever segment you choose, choose why you like it and not just why you think it is profitable.

2 – Knowing the point you want to open your business

Nowadays, with advances in communication and digital promotion, for some types of business, the physical location is not the main reason for the success of the company, but if the location is very important for, In your branch, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the region where you want to open it. It can determine the failure or success of the business.

Some points should be considered when choosing a business point, among them I quote:

If the business will be open to the public,

If there will be customer movement in the company,

It will only serve as an internal workplace.

Other important topics are the rent value, size and operational logistics of your industry.

3 – Having a Business Plan with Well-Outlined Strategies

One of the main points of a good business plan is the strategies that will be used to achieve your goals. This is what will make your business easier.

Here are some important questions to outline the guidelines that will guide your business:

How to successfully sell your product or service to a targeted audience in your business plan;
How to raise investment to apply to your business;
How to achieve the sales goal set;
How to hire specialized staff in your industry.

4 – Choosing a Good Accountant and Your Accounting Office

Choosing a good accountant early on in the business will bring important business benefits such as:

Social contract well done;
Correct framing of the company in federal revenue and city hall;
Correct choice of tax regime;
Important guidelines for business administration and bureaucratic management.

Don’t limit yourself to just the price of the chosen counter. Do not buy the accounting office for its cost but for its value. How much he will help you in this endeavor.

Direct accountant support and help can make a big difference in your business

5 – Having Investment Required for Business Survival

Failure to make the right investment calculations and especially cash flow can compromise the entire business.

In addition to the initial investment for business formatting, consider that the company will not have revenues in its first months of life, thus needing a monthly amount for its maintenance.

Depending on the industry chosen, make the initial projection for 6 months and may extend for another semester.

6 – Choosing the right people to work with you

Both the choice of your partner and your employees is essential to the success of the business.

Good professionals bring results above expectations, while unmotivated professionals, besides not producing results, end up generating high costs.

Likewise, the choice of the partner has to be very careful; Identification, affinity, and respect above all must exist.

Clearly defining the division of tasks, responsibilities, remuneration, and withdrawals of each is of paramount importance to the good relationship of the partners.

7 – Know how to advertise your business.

Marketing is still the soul of business.

There are today endless ways to advertise a business and each one has its particularity; What is in common is the need for virtual presence and availability to your potential customers.

The internet has facilitated and made it possible for any business today to be known and spread globally and quickly.

Digital Marketing is currently the most economical and assertive way for companies to advertise their services and products, and to relate to my audience. The correct use of this tool and how much the company is willing to invest in online media defines its positioning and return on its investments.

Think carefully before setting up any business, analyze, think, do research. Talk to people in the same industry or even others with more business experience. But be sure to never give up on your dreams, and always believe.


Rebekah John is the author of this content. She’s currently working as a Sr. Content Writer at CXUnicorn.


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