8 Quick Hacks for Working Moms to Balance Work and Family


In this article, I would like to share some essential tips for working mothers to balance work and family because as a mother, it is not easy to maintain a balance between office and home life.

Due to the problem of money many mothers don’t have the choice to stay full time at home she has to work. You need to give equal importance to your family and office.

Some employed women feel guilty. Because she thinks she is not giving proper time to her kids and family. Here are some 8 effective ways to help you make a balance between office and family.

Hire a Nanny

Every working mom wants to do what’s right for her children and house.

Today’s many working mothers are hiring a full-time nanny for her kids because she can’t take care of kids 24 hours.

If work is necessary for you then you should hire a nanny to take care of your kids. Your nanny focuses solely on setting a high standard for the care of your child.

Completely committed to children’s development and needs, Nanny’s one-on-one care can help build a positive relationship and make mother work easier. For continuing posts, our young age mothers also make a nanny diary to give a complete report about their child’s day and progress.

Preparing Food Earlier

Cooking dinner on time for her family’s choice is not an easy task for working mothers.

To resolve this problem she should start Preparing dinner early. You can cook sneaks in veggies it cooks less time. You should not try to cook 2-3 different foods to satisfy everyone one instead you should cook customized food that can fulfill everyone’s choice.

A Good Planner

As a working mother, there is already so much work to do at home and in the office.

You can make a daily task list than you can put your kids and husband for planning out meals for the week. You need to also plan all your office activities according to your office hours. You should finish your office work before ½ an hour go to your home.

Plan only Achievable Task

She should Make daily tasks realistic enough to complete because we are not superheroes who can complete the unachievable task. If you plan to do an unrealistic task you will become more stressed and waste your valuable time.

Planning for Time Spent with Your Children


You can plan a movie, or a party on the weekend to enjoy with your family. It helps to stress out your weekly workload, and your kids and family feel more connected with you.

The long weekend plan also keeps you joyful.

Do not Think too Much

People perform better when she gives attention to work on hand. If she is working in the office and worry about dinner she can’t perform well. In the office, she needs to give all attention to office work and also if she is at home she needs to give full attention to the family.

Stop Using Internet too Much

Web surfing is the biggest time-waster of every mother and her family. So you need to decide how much time you will give to web surfing and if the time limit is over you have to stop using the internet. This idea can save you to much time and you can give that time to your kids.

Mixing Work & Play

Finding ways to make your routines more enjoyable will raise your possibilities of actually making them!  You can save all your ironing for the weekends, where your husband and you will put on a good movie, and you tackle the ironing as we watch.

Make your to-do-list

A to-do-list can be an important tool in productivity, but only if you know what applies to it. Strategically streamlining your to-do list is an essential primary step to doing less and still reaching top efficiency. We recommend asking yourself the next 3 questions before adding an item to your list.

1 Does this need to be done? 

2 Does it do need to be done by me?

3 Should we do it right now?

We are all young thinking that the more we do, the more successful we will be, so we fill regularly our time with items that don’t even get us the results we need but make us seem busy,” explains. “Grow in the manner of asking if the items on your to-do list result in the stuff you want to create in your life and profession. If not, they don’t apply there.”

If something wants to be made, but the next time, then it applies in your program management system, not your hebdomadal to-do list. Do less and get high “only works when you figure out what to work on and what isn’t.

Thanks for reading this post please share your feedback and suggestion with us.

Sheikh Tahir Siddiqui


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