12 Easy Steps to Create a LinkedIn Profile as a Beginner Freelancer


LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to showcase your skills and accomplishments–all in one place and also get some profitable freelancing opportunities.

Your LinkedIn profile must say the right things about you and attract the right prospects for freelance writing.

But what to write in your LinkedIn profile when you are just a beginner?

Here are 12 simple tips on how to create a LinkedIn profile, even if you are a beginner in freelance writing.

Note: The examples given below are related to freelance writers, though you can apply it in any field.


How to Create a LinkedIn Profile as a Beginner

Add a good profile picture


A profile without a picture is like a frame without a photo.

So choose a clear, friendly, and professional image of yourself and pop that onto your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to have a smiling face in the photo.

If you aren’t sure of what a professional image looks like, look at the images of other professional writers and freelancers.

The best thing would be to show yourself in action like sitting on your laptop or writing on a copy.


Add a background photo


By default, the background/cover photo of your LinkedIn profile is blue.

However, you can change this. Pick a theme or a quote from the famous personality in your profession or the header image of your blog and pop into the cover photo.


Make your headline catchy

Whether it’s your blog post or the LinkedIn profile, HEADLINE is the first piece of content that attracts a reader to read further or not.

LinkedIn’s default algorithm pulls your current position as your headline. However, you can get creative to showcase what you do.

Consider it as a small billboard advertisement of you and your work in 120 characters.

Consider this!

Which headline seems more fascinating to you?

Freelance Writer


A passionate writer helping brands tell engaging stories about their business.


Craft an interesting summary


Summary or ‘About’ section of the LinkedIn profile is an elaborate version of your headline. Here you have 2000 characters to tell about yourself, your work, and skills.

Leverage this section to talk about:

  • Your past work experience (if any)
  • What things you do well
  • How can you serve your potential employer

Remember to use keywords pertaining to your niche while writing your summary.

Pro tip: Though you have 2000 characters to introduce yourself, don’t use it up all. Keep it short, sweet, and relevant. Use storytelling to give your prospects a picture of yourself as a professional.


Highlight your experience

‘Experience’ is one of the most crucial sections of your LinkedIn profile. So make the best use of it.

Don’t copy and paste your resume on your LinkedIn profile, but highlight the jobs that seem relevant to your career.

Under each job title, add two-four bullet points highlighting what you did and what you accomplished in each position.

If you are an absolute beginner and don’t have any work experience, I advise you to start your blog and highlight this in your work experience.


Specify your educational qualification

Mention the name of the school and college you passed from along with the duration.

If you were an important part of any extra-curricular or social activities related to your profession, in school/college, mention them on your LinkedIn profile. It adds more credibility and attracts prospective employers to your profile.


Fill up your Licenses and Certifications

Did you receive any certifications in school/college related to your profession? Or did you complete any certified course as a freelance writer?

Then, why hide those certifications behind? Showcase them on your LinkedIn profile and add more value to it.

If you don’t have any certifications, I recommend this course for all freelance writers to improve their skills and get Google certifications.

Yes, you heard that right! Google certifications! You know their value. Don’t you?


Display your skills

As a beginner in freelance writing, you won’t have many skills to showcase.

Nevertheless, you can start with basic skills like English, Communication, and Microsoft Office. Add-on as you acquire more skills.

Here are the skills you need to work on as a freelance writer.


Customize your URL

Linkedin Custom URL

The web address of your profile is your LinkedIn URL. By default, it has your name followed by a few numbers. However, that looks very shabby, especially if you have to forward your LinkedIn URL to someone.

So make it more relevant by customizing it.

On the right side of your profile, click on the option, ‘edit your public URL’ and change it to something neat and concise.


Build connections

This is obvious. Considering LinkedIn’s system of first, second, and third-degree connections, you must keep growing your connections. This keeps you visible to others.

Make connections with people you know personally or professionally. Always send a connection request with a small personalized message to increase the chances of acceptance and build good relations.


Be active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a social networking site and you must use it actively to gain maximum benefits.

Check out other people’s posts in your niche and interact with your thoughtful comments. Share posts you find helpful. Post your own blog posts and industry news.

Also, join one or two LinkedIn groups based on your professional interests and interact in that group. That’s a great way to know new people and expand your network.


Ask for recommendations

When you start engaging with people on LinkedIn, you’ll develop a good working relationship with them.

Ask these people for recommendations on your skills.

Click on the link, Ask for Recommendations. Choose the skills you want a recommendation for and a list of people from your connections to ask. Send them the request for feedback on your skills and work.

Recommendations show employers that others have approved of your work.

Favour other people in your connections by giving them recommendations in return.


Conclusion on How to create a LinkedIn profile 

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for freelance writers and relatively easy to use.

Attract your prospects by following these 12 tips to create a stunning LinkedIn profile. This is crucial as employers prefer to see your LinkedIn profile more than your resume.

As you acquire more skills and experience, add to your LinkedIn profile and increase its value.

Best part?

LinkedIn itself helps you gauge the strength of your LinkedIn profile under the “Profile Strength” measurement. It tells you how complete your LinkedIn profile is.

Use the site tips to complete your profile until you get an “All-Star” rating from the LinkedIn platform.

So what are the difficulties you face in creating your LinkedIn profile? Comment below!

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