7 Useful Tips On How to Stop Being an Introvert

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What comes to your mind first when you think about an introvert? Try to brainstorm and think. There are various misconceptions that people make or hear about introverts.

Some of them are: introverts are weird, they are shy, they don’t like to talk, etc. Yes, these are misconceptions and not the actual truth.

Many people think that introverts avoid talking to others but it is not actually true, they are comfortable with their own thoughts. But they do crave for people with whom they can share their thoughts and opinions.

If you are an introvert and want to change this, then you must read these tips.

Tips to Stop Being an Introvert

Here are some of the useful tips to stop being an introvert:

1. Don’t label yourself – First of all, stop calling yourself an introvert. Labeling yourself would not do you any good. If you will think that you don’t belong with others or you are different, then how will you fit in? It is good to think that you are unique but don’t think that you are not a perfect fit.

Instead of thinking like this, you should pay attention to your skills that make you different and be proud of it. Whether you are good at problem solving or mathematics, it’s a skill. Accept yourself the way you are. If you will not accept yourself, then how can you expect others to accept you?

2. Be brave – You need to face things bravely. Why do you think introverts hesitate to talk to others? It is because of their overthinking. Instead of actually performing the task, they would first like to think about its consequences. You must not think what others would talk about you.

Overthinking on all these topics, would not help you to become an extrovert or gather the required confidence. You should take a deep breath and do what you like, don’t worry about what others will think about you. Even if you fall, be brave enough to stand up again.

3. Try to initiate – Initiating will help you to boost your confidence. It is difficult for an introvert to get up and start speaking in front of people. They take time to mix-up with others or get along. But you need to change it, therefore initiate whenever you have the chance to.

If a professor asks a question in class and you know its answer, just raise your hand and answer it. Once, your answer will be accepted, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and confidence. These small victories will help you to increase confidence and help you with the future endeavor.

4. Help others – It is understandable that an introvert has some issues while talking to a group of people. You can start to communicate with one person at a time. To make this possible you can start by helping those in need. If you are a good assignment writer, then you start offering assignments to help Melbourne to your fellow students. Not only will you make new friends but you will also earn good deeds. The hesitation you feel in talking to others will also be eliminated. Therefore, if you have a skill or skills that can help others, then always lend a helping hand to someone in need.

5. You are responsible for your actions – Yes, no other person is responsible for what you are doing consciously. If you want to change and be a better person than it is in your hands. Let us be honest, there is no miracle that will happen and suddenly you will change into a brand new person the next day.
You need to give time to yourself, then use this time to evolve into a better person. If you want to become a friendly person, then take the initiative and talk to others. Don’t wait for someone to come and talk to you. Take the responsibility for your actions and act according to your desires.

6. Believe that you are a giver – Believing in yourself. And believe that you are a giver, if you will think in this manner, then it will work wonders for you if you wish to improve yourself. The moment you stop comparing yourself with others will be the moment you can achieve anything you want. You must read about other introverts and the challenges introverted leaders face and how to overcome them. By reading this, you can boost your confidence level.
You have inferior thinking about yourself, then you will obviously feel that others are better. Instead, think that you are a giver and always be open to knowledge and challenges. This will help you in overcoming your insecurities and making you a better person.

7. Volunteer – Volunteering is another factor that can help to boost your confidence. Even if you don’t know the answer, you should volunteer. What can be worst? Your answer might be wrong. But that’s it. Don’t lose your efficiency due to the fear of failure. Bad experiences are the best teachers in life. Hence, be open to try new things. You need to push yourself to evolve and become better than you were earlier.

The only person that should be compared with you is you, not others. Hence, keep in mind, the next time your professor asks you something whether it is a question or a person is required for help, you must raise your hand high enough for your instructor to notice. Taking all these initiatives and helping others will be beneficial for you. In this way, you can stop being an introvert.

Just remember that there is a solution to everything, hence, think positive and follow these tips. They will help you to overcome your shyness and will make you open to try new things and be the first one to initiate with others. A point to note here is that it would not be easy at first. You will face issues, hesitate, and feel inferior but don’t let these issues stop you. There would be many hurdles in the way to achieve success. But you need to cross them and keep moving on.

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